Marine Collagen Powder
Marine Collagen Powder
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Marine Collagen Powder

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Truvani Marine Collagen Powder

Introducing Truvani’s premium quality Marine Collagen Powder from wild caught fish which includes all 3 types of collagen protein, which is rare to find in a collagen product as most available in the market will only contain 1 type. This marine collagen is sourced from wild caught fish surrounding Iceland, North Sea, Norwegian Sea and  other cold norther waters.

Over time, collagen production slows down in our bodies  and we need help restoring this. This supplement supports the health of your skin, hair, and joints while allowing you to feel refreshed inside out.

Easy to mix with any drink or liquid as this is hydrolyzed collagen powder. It dissolves smoothly without clumps in hot or cold drinks with no added flavor.


  • Promotes vibrant skin
    Collagen helps fight signs of aging by supporting  skin elasticity and hydration which helps maintain the skin’s youthful tone, texture  and appearance.

  • Supports healthy hair
    The amino acids in collagen support the structural proteins in hair that encourage existing hair growth, thickness, and strength.

  • Supports healthy joints
    Collagen provides support to the body’s connective tissues and helps maintain healthy joints.

  • Supports healthy bones
    Hydrolized collagen can help maintain strong and  healthy bone structure.

  • Promotes lean body  mass
    Combined with resistance exercise, collagen supports lean muscle growth and muscle strength.

  • Helps strengthen brittle fingernails
    Collagen supports increased growth and strength to fragile and brittle nails

  • Supports liver health
    The glycine in collagen may help support the liver and optimize its function.

  • Antioxidant function
    Collagen has antioxidant properties that provide support against free radicals in the body.

  • Promotes restful sleep
    Due to its glycine content, collagen supports the quality of sleep in those who have occasional difficult sleeping.
Truvani is a food and health wellness brand co-founded by Food Babe’s Vani Hari, that provides the cleanest and purest supplements and protein powders. Truvani believes in real food without added chemicals or toxins and labels without lies.
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